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Website Evaluation: Home

This guide will teach you the process of how to evaluate websites.

Why Must You Evaluate Websites?

Why is it important to evaluate websites and internet resources?

  • The number of available resources from the World Wide Web continues to grow at an immense rate.
  • Anyone can publish anything on the Internet. Information is not always verified before being published to the Internet.
  • Most of the information found on the Internet is not reviewed by professionals or experts. Remember just because it is on the Internet does not mean it is true or correct.
  • Evaluating every website is a requirement, not an option.
  • A person must evaluate websites with a CRITICAL eye.



Anatomy of a Webpage

A web page is composed of three parts. The three parts are a header, body, and footer.


  • Includes a title or graphic banner
  • Includes links to other pages in the site.


  • The actual content is located in this part of the page.
  • May include "hot links" that go to another website, page or different section on the same page.


  • This is where information about the creation of the page is usually located.
  • The information may include the date the page was created, the last update, the author, site sponsors, and address.

Anatomy of a Website

A website is made up of webpages. These pages include a home page and content pages.

Home Page

  • The first page of the site
  • It describes what information is found within the site.
  • This page is like a book's the title page, table of contents, site index and introduction combined.
  • A complete list of the site's major sections are usually listed on this page.

Content Page

  • This is where the website's information itself is located.
  • Each page should be linked back to the homepage.

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